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Stripper and Topless Waitress Prices

We always have more waitresses available than shown in the photos. A lot of our girls are uni students or work full time & don't wish to be advertised.


Lingerie/Bikini Waitress (Min 3 hrs) $85 p/hr
Our gorgeous girls clad in sexy lingerie or hot bikinis are perfect for functions such as golf days and mixed parties.

Topless Waitress (Min 2 hrs) $110 p/hr
Our sexy topless waitresses are great to get the party started whatever the occasion. Able to serve drinks and food platters, deal poker or just mingle.

Experienced Topless Poker Dealers $115 per hour

Experienced Nude Poker Dealers $165 per hour

Nude Waitress (Min 2 hrs) $160 p/hr
You can't get much better than a completely nude waitress!

Lap Dance (approx 3 songs) $100
Most waitresses are able to perform lap dances whilst waitressing at your function.  Add that personal touch just for the buck.

Waitress Teaser Package (3hrs duration) $350
We all know the fun is in the anticipation. Why reveal all in the first few minutes? This package consists of 1 girl performing 1 hour of lingerie waitressing, 1 hour of topless waitressing and the for the final hour revealing all and waitressing nude.

Breakfast Babes
Start the day with blood pumping through your veins, forget the run, why not have a fresh hot waitress cook your breakfast in just her undies or better still nude! Whether you like them firm or soft we can accommodate. Whilst we cannot guarantee a gourmet outcome we can guarantee that it will be a morning to remember. Food not supplied.

$240 2 hrs topless waitress/cook
$290 1 hr topless & 1 hr nude waitress/cook

Female Strippers

G-string Show/Straight Striptease (10 - 15 mins) $230
A light hearted striptease choreographed for mixed parties such as birthdays. You decide if the G string comes off. The birthday boy will get cheekily embarrassed.

Hot Show (15 mins) $240
This is a good opening show. A strip to nude followed by open leg work. Moisturiser, oils and candle wax are all part of this show. She can work the crowd or if you have a particular victim in mind, she'll get him for you.

Lollipop and Pearl Show (20 mins) $250
This show consists of a strip to nude, slow removal of approximately 2 metres of pearls (which she inserted prior to the show) and playful use of a lollipop! As with all our shows, someone will get embarrassed.

Vibe Show (30 mins) $300 (45 mins) $350
The bucks party best seller. The dancer erotically strips to nude, performs open leg work and then uses at least two or more different vibes! The party boy will be embarrassed.

Fruit & Vegie Show (30 mins) $340 (45 mins) $380
The exotic dancer teasingly strips to nude revealing all. Then for a bit of variety fruit and veg are used instead of vibes. As with all our shows, special attention will be paid to the stag, buck or birthday boy!

The Works $390 (30 mins) $440 (45 mins)
You can't go wrong with this show! Commencing with a full striptease leading into open leg work where all is revealed. Approximately 2 metres of pearls are then slowly removed before a lollipop can enter! That is just the warm up prior to the toys, fruit and veg. The performer then massages oils and creams into her hot body before getting adventurous with the candle wax. If okay with the host the buck will get special attention and cheekily embarrassed.

Hammer Time $420 (30 mins) $480 (45 mins)
This is a show to write home about! A very talented dancer strips to nude and performs open leg work, now the introductions have taken place itís time to turn up the heat. Multiple toys, disappearing lollipops, creams and a sponge bath are just a few of the teasers before the Fist finale! Yes she actually inserts her fist! A jaw dropping performance that you wonít forget. If okay with the host the buck will be the centre of attention.

Greek Show $440 (30 mins)
A Vibe show with additional Greek (back door) action. This raunchy show is definitely for the more adventurous.

The Greek Works $550 (45 mins)
Similar to the Works but with an added Greek twist. The dancer starts the show by performing a full strip to nude which leads into revealing open leg work. Approximately 2 metres of pearls are removed before the lollipop is used. Next on the menu are vibes, fruit and vegies and the awaited Greek twist. Finally the dancer massages oils and creams into her hot body. Special attention will be paid to the party boy! It's just not possible to fit anymore into a show!!

Lesbian Show $580 (30 mins) $660 (45 mins)
This is every man's fantasy. Two hot, gorgeous girls getting it on! Stripping to nude and getting very familiar. Kissing, licking and using vibrators on each other. Open the windows as its going to get steamy. There is absolutely no simulation in this show, it's the real thing. You choose who gets the attention.

Lesbian Works $780 (45 mins)
Two girls performing 'The Works' and 'The Lesbian Show' combined. 45 min show only as too much to fit into 30 mins!

Lesbian Greek Works $900 (45 mins)
This is the ultimate Lesbian show. Two girls performing 'The Greek Works' and 'The Lesbian Show' combined. 45 min show only as too much to fit into 30 mins!

The Dominatrix Show: $400 (30 mins)
If you wish to see the Groom suffer, then this show is for you. The dancer begins her show dressed as a full Dominatrix Mistress equipped with whips, gimp mask, gag ball, leashes, restraints, strap on and much much more!  Sit back and watch the submissive buck obey to each and everyone of her commands whilst performing a 30 minute vibrator show. An entertaining show that will be talked about for years.

Nadiaís Naughty Not Nice - $600 (45 mins)
Nadia starts her exclusive show with a sexual striptease followed by moisturiser and hot candle wax which are also used on the buck.  Her flexibility entertains and amazes throughout the show. The toy box is opened and vibes are removed and inserted. Bananas are used and peeled and fed to the buck if heís peckish. Lollipops disappear and you will be amazed when then re-appear much later in the show. Nadiaís naughtiness has no limits as she performs some Greek action followed by a fisting frenzy. The Grand finale is the squirt andÖ what happened to the lollipops? You choose who gets embarrassed. An extreme XXX show performed by one of the best strippers.

Supple Shay - $575 (30 mins)
This XXX show is performed only by Shay. The show starts by Shay slowly stripping to nude, she then walks the buck around like a dog, making him sit, bark and drink from a bowl. Being a gymnast she displays her talents by combining nude headstands, air splits, splits and back flips in her show. 6 metres of pearls are removed and lollipops are inserted. Using extreme muscle control Shay shoots vibes, fruit and vegies up to 6 metres across the room sometimes whilst performing a back flip. Itís an exciting show and Shay canít help but squirt. If the audience play by the rules Shay will even perform double penetration! The show concludes with a signed canvas boob imprint for the buck and a sponge bath. This show has everything.

Alice in Thunderland -  $600 (45 mins)
This XXX show is performed only by Alice. A full strip to nude and slow removal of 6 metres of pearls is just the tease before the action! With the use of extreme muscle control, Alice shoots her toys and cucumbers into the audience for the boys to catch.  There are no holes barred in this show with toys disappearing everywhere, one in the front and one in the back. A light show, fire and hot candlewax make this a value packed performance. The show concludes with a signed canvas boob imprint for the buck. 

The Thirsty Buck - Only performed by Krystal: $650 (30 mins) $700 (45 mins)
'The Thirsty Buck'  is performed only by Krystal and is the most entertaining show in Qld. Commencing with a full striptease to nude, Krystal slowly removes 6 metres of pearls. The fun now begins with a variety of vibrators and Krystal exercising extreme muscle control. Hard hats will need to be worn as toys are projectiled across the room.  Her amazing talent allows her to dance around the room gripping her toy. No hands! For the finale, watch Krystal turn upside down and drink a beer into her ............ then stand up and walk around the room, to finally deliver the beverage to the buck. I'm sure you don't get service like this at home. This mind blowing act will leave the buck bewildered and refreshed.


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